4 Magic Towns in the Península

4 Magic Towns in the Península

Izamal (Yucatán): This majestic colonial city tells its story through its streets and yellow and white colored houses; a legend claims the city carries these colors in honor and devotion to the color of corn. Izamal, called the city of the three cultures, has a great history that combines Mayan roots with a viceroyal influence. The main sights include the breathtaking convent of Izamal, with the largest atrium in the American continent, built over the Pap-Hol-Chac (House of Thunder) pyramid.

construido sobre la pirámide de Pap-Hol- Chac (casa del relámpago).

Palizada (Campeche): It is a town in the Mexican state of Campeche, head of the town of Palisade; is located southwest of the state, in the region of rivers, near the lagoon Terms. Palisade was named "Magic Town" in 2010. Palisade is named after the large amount of wood called dye logwood, brazilwood and logwood. His first name was the San Joaquin Palotada after the San Ignacio and finally Palisade Palisade.

Valladolid (Yucatán): Known as "The Pearl of the East," Valladolid is a colonial city with the feel of a traditional Yucatan village. This historic place is a symbol of beauty and magic, as it proudly displays the architecture gifted to Yucatan by the Spanish conquerors. Come and see for yourself what nature has to offer in its many cenotes, a highlight of the area. Let yourself be pampered by the spirit of its people; taste the delicious dishes offered in this city, carefully prepared in the traditional Valladolid way; and take a unique souvenir with you, with one of the many local handicrafts.

Bacalar (Quintana Roo): The city's main tourist attraction is the lagoon on whose shores you'll find a pool where you can swim. There are also "palapas" or thatched-roof shelters that offer food, boat excursions on the lake and other services. The Cenote Azul, famous for it's crystal clear waters, is another main attraction, located four kilometers south of the city. Here you can perfectly see all the way to the bottom, some 30 meters, and check out the restaurant on the cenote's edge.

 Places where time stopped

In the Yucatan Peninsula have 4 Magical Towns, here we present


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