A colonial town where you stop being a tourist and become a “Ticuleño”

Ticul is a colonial town known for its handicrafts that’s part of the Puuc Route and the Convent Route.

Here you’ll find an infinite number of reasons to visit often: its colonial sites, handicrafts and religious architecture are some of the main attractions. Like all of Yucatan, you can’t leave without trying some of Ticul’s delicious dishes. Let yourself be captivated and collect memories here.

How to get there

By car: In Merida, go east on Calle 39 to Calle 52. Turn right and head toward the beltway Lic Manuel Berzunza/Mexico 180 O/Mexico 180 and go straight to the beltway Lic Manuel Berzunza/Mexico 180 O/Mexico 180. Take the turnoff that goes to Hacienda Temozon/Sotuta de Peon/Uxmal/Chetumal/Mexico 184 and take a slight right toward Mexico 261. Go straight until you get to Mexico 261, take a slight right toward Hopelchen-Uman/Uman-Hopelchen and keep going until Uman-Hopelchen. Take a left toward 25/Mexico 188 and continue to Mexico 188. Pass a rotunda and Ticul is on the right. If you’d like to visit Ticul and you don’t have a car, take a combi (colectivo) at the San Juan park stop on Calle 62 and 69. Cost shouldn’t be more than $30.

Suggestions and Information

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes and use sunscreen. If you can, take home some souvenirs or shoes, which Ticuleños are famous for making. Check the weather forecast before you go so you don’t get surprised by rain. Don’t forget to respect the area you’re visiting and keep it clean.


Lodging, restaurants, telegraph and mail service, banks, internet, pharmacies, medical services, bike-taxi service.


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